Our Vision

To see the Church flourish as it unites to ensure every individual seeking asylum is met with Christ’s love through hospitality, friendship, and support on their journey toward safety and freedom.

Our Culture & Rhythms:

ክንጽሊ ኢና. In Tigrinya: “We pray”

Trusting the Lord to provide for our every need, believing He is Jehovah Jireh, our God who provides – who sees, hears, and knows. 

Cubbamoota. In Oromo: “We welcome”

Responding to the radical hospitality of Jesus, drawing no boundaries around man-made borders, all have a place in this community.

Esperamos. In Spanish: “We wait expectantly & hope”

Believing that God breathes purpose into our trials and is our Great Deliverer.

Em şînê Digirin. In Kurdish: “We lament” 

Creating space for mourning, believing that Jesus is Immanuel: God with us – in our suffering, in our stillness, in our doubting, in our grief.

Tinouya Pamwe Chete. In Shona: “We gather”

Meeting regularly to share in fellowship, believing that the Church is not a building, but the collective and diverse body of believers living in unity with one another and with God.

Nous Réjouissons. In French: “We rejoice”

Celebrating with great joy – through dancing and song, festivities and praise- the abundance of good gifts from the Lord.

نحن نقف في رهبة,. In Arabic: “We behold”

Standing in awe of the kindness, generosity, creativity, and redemption of the Lord in the midst of this broken world.