DASH Covenant

Asylum Seeker Covenant Agreement

Apartment Rules Addendum 

  1. For life-threatening emergencies, call 911 immediately. Police and ambulance will arrive within minutes.
  2. No tobacco, alcohol, firearms, or illegal substances of any kind are permitted inside the apartment or on DASH property at any time.
  3. Be kind, respectful, and courteous to everyone living in the apartment and to your neighbors in the surrounding apartments (those living above, below, to the left, and to the right of you). 
  4. The apartment should feel safe, welcoming, and comfortable to every resident of that unit. Do your part to help make that true.
  5. All residents should be completely clothed at all times, unless in the bathroom.
  6. Do not draw unnecessary attention to yourself or the apartment.
  7. Quiet hours in the apartment are from 9pm to 9am. These hours may be extended to accommodate roommates who have jobs during the night and must sleep during the day.
  8. These are DASH’s apartments, paid for by the generous donations of volunteers. They must be kept nice, clean, and tidy at all times–common rooms and bedrooms alike. 
  9. To avoid cockroaches, bedbugs, mice, and mold:
    • Pick up after yourself daily.
    • Do not take food into the bedrooms.
    • Put away food as soon as you are done eating it. 
    • Clean all surfaces of food residue and crumbs immediately after the mess is made; this includes counters, floors, table tops, etc.
    • Put dirty plates into the dishwasher or wash them by hand immediately.
    • Keep all opened foods in air-tight containers and stored in appropriate places in kitchen (fridge/freezer/cabinets).
    • All rooms of the apartment must be completely cleaned at least once a week: Floors should be vacuumed/swept/mopped. Sheets should be washed. Bathrooms and Kitchen should be scrubbed.
    • Each apartment must set up and follow a weekly chore schedule in which each resident of the unit does their share of the cleaning. 
    • Kitchen trash should be taken out to the big dumpsters every day. 
    • Pull the shower curtain closed when not in use.
    • Leave the bathroom door open when not in use.
  10. Food provided by DASH should be split and shared equally among all residents of the unit.
  11. Food purchased by individuals should have that person’s name written on it.
  12. No romantic relationships inside the apartment. No romantic relationships at all between people in DASH (except couples already married).
  13. Guests
    1. Men’s Apartments: female guests are not allowed. 
    2. Women’s Apartments: male guests are not allowed.
    3. Guests should stay no longer than 2 hours per day and must be respectful of all residents living in that unit.
    4. Guests should not eat food provided by DASH. 
  14. Report all maintenance issues to the Leasing Office immediately.
  15. For emergency maintenance issues on a night or weekend, call 817-870-1537, then press Option 3.
  16. Pets, including dogs and cats, are not allowed in the DASH apartments at any time.
  17. When grocery deliveries happen, you must go downstairs immediately to receive groceries from the grocery volunteers.

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