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Host Program Overview 

Why We Host – 2 minute read

We are a community of believers whose lives have been transformed by the welcoming and compassionate love of Christ. In Jesus, we have a savior who left the comforts of heaven to commune with mankind and sacrifice himself on our behalf – so that we might know God and become a part of a family whose kingdom spans across all generations and to the ends of the earth. This hospitality of Jesus compels us to redefine family and citizenship and completely reorient our values. Our culture may define family as the nuclear unit to which we are born; but in Christ, we have gained a family of brothers and sisters unrestricted by earthly heritage (Matthew 12:46-50). Our culture may define citizenship by country of birth, but in Christ, we celebrate a far greater citizenship in heaven (Phillipians 3:20). Our culture may urge us to self-protect and self-preserve; but in Christ we are called to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters (John 15:13). There are a million reasons that our culture may offer as to why we should not open up our homes to welcome in strangers. But as we seek to broaden our definition of family, we find a greater calling in the hope of Christ and the glory of God. In Luke 12, Jesus shares with his followers that “to whom much has been given, much will be required.” The peace and stability of the country to which we are born is to no credit of our own. Therefore, we host as stewards of the homes and belongings with which God has entrusted us. Furthermore, in Acts 2 we read that “all believers were together and had all things in common. They were selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all who had need.” Our world is in desperate need of the love, the selflessness, and the unity on display in the early church. This open-armed, spirit-filled community is truly something to behold. And when witnessed, it shouts of the mystery of God made known in Jesus Christ. This is why we host.  

About the DASH Hosting Program:– 2 minute read

Program Introduction: 

At 22 years old and only 6 weeks newly married, our founder, Ashley Freeman and her husband, Kurtis, began hosting people who were seeking asylum out of their spare bedroom. You can read more about our beginnings here. But as word spread and the need grew, DASH Network was born as a ministry of the City Church offering housing through one group apartment and a network of hosts who opened their doors and their hearts to welcome our brothers and sisters navigating the asylum process. Almost a decade later, the Lord has grown our capacity and we now have seven group apartments and an even larger network of host homes. We have served nearly 200 residents over the years, over 40 who have spent all or a portion of their time in the DASH program living with volunteers. Our hosts are Christ-following believers who come from all different denominations and life circumstances – from expecting parents to empty nesters; families with young children and recently graduated young singles. There may never be a “convenient” season of life to host, but nothing about the asylum process is convenient. Our hosts take a leap of faith with their “yes” and in this great adventure, the Lord continues to move and faithfully challenge and grow each person involved. With that being said, hosting is a big commitment and we ask potential hosts to prayerfully consider this decision and open their hands and hearts to this possibility. DASH hosts are asked to commit to a minimum of one year as a host, though most residents spend between 1-2 years in DASH and many will host for the duration of a resident’s eligibility for our program. If you are even remotely considering serving as a host or have questions that you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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Hosting Eligibility Requirements:– 2 minute read

  • Must be a follower of Christ and affirm our statement of faith outlined in the  Nicene Creed
  • Must be involved in a Christian church of any denomination 
  • Must have the time, capability, and willingness to serve
  • Must have a spare bedroom or other room that can be converted into a bedroom
  • Must be willing to provide safe housing, food, and friendship to a resident for a minimum of one year
  • Must be willing to arrange  initial transportation from the airport or bus station to your home (Most applicable for hosts not in the DFW area)
  • Must purchase and pass a background check and complete a child safety training course (if applicable) through Protect My Ministry (about $20 per person – our Director of Operations or Social Services will assist with this)
  • Must complete our 6 Module Host Training
  • Must read and sign the Host Covenant Agreement

The Hosting Application Process: – 2 minute read

  1. Inquire: Want to learn more about the possibility of hosting? Please contact our Director of Social Services: and she will happily answer any of your questions.

  1. Apply: Once you are ready to begin the process, submit our Host Application – once received, our Director of Social Services and/or Director of Operations will reach out to set up an interview and home study. (This is about 2 hours long and includes a walk through of your home, a series of questions, as well as a time for you and your family to ask any questions). Following the home study, references will be called. 

  1. Approval: You will be notified within one week of the home study with a determination of hosting eligibility or if there are any follow-up questions.

  1. Next Steps: Once approved, you will submit the Waiver and Release of Liability Form, the Host Covenant Agreement, and apply for a background check ($20 per adult) as well as receive Child Safety Training (if applicable), DASH Host Training, and information about the resident you will host including age, gender, country of origin, language(s), and faith background. 

  1. Training: As soon as you have gone through the training materials, our Director of Social Services/Director of Operations will meet with you to discuss the material and answer any questions.

  1. Meet: Next, you will meet your resident on video call (when this is possible)

  1. Move-In: Finally, arrangements will be made for DASH resident(s)  to move into your home!

FAQ: – 1 minute read

Q: Why do hosts have to be followers of Christ?

A: As stated in our mission statement, we love and serve “in response to the compassionate and welcoming love of Jesus.” We believe that we are all in need of a right relationship with creation, self, others, and God. A beautiful aspect of the DASH family is how our residents, leaders, and volunteers alike are all broken and yet equipped with different gifts that the Lord can use in different ways to encourage, serve, and spur on one another through the Holy Spirit. Because hospitality is a core value of DASH Network, we welcome residents and volunteers from all faith backgrounds and believe there’s always room for more at the table. There are certain roles within DASH that we look to fill with genuine followers of Christ such as our hosts and our advocates. These roles are both designed to provide emotional and spiritual support to our residents during a particularly traumatic and stressful time in their lives. Therefore, we look for volunteers who are willing and able to pray with, weep with, rejoice with, and ultimately point to our greatest source of hope and peace in Christ. For those who want to be a part of the DASH family and serve in some capacity but are not Christ-followers, there is a place for you and your gifts here! Please fill out our volunteer application and one of our leaders will reach out to discuss the possibilities. 

Q: What support is available to Hosts/Hostees?

A: While you are on your hosting journey, you are not alone! In addition to monthly check-ins, there are different types of support available to you at any time should the need arise. Some of the support available includes the following:

Physical Support: 

  • Beds and bedding for those in DFW if you do not already have extra (subject to availability)
  • Food bank food or toiletries to supplement if needed (for those in DFW who can arrange transportation)

Relational Support: 

  • Support for Hosts: 
    • Host “Support Group” via WhatsApp
    • Pairing with a Host Mentor to meet with once prior to hosting and available for additional guidance and support as needed.
    • A leadership team who has walked many hosts through this process, who is cheering you on, and just a phone-call away at any time!
    • We recommend inviting your church community into your hosting journey for additional relational support
  • Support for Residents: 
    • All residents are required to have an advocate. DASH provides the advocates for people in apartment living. Advocates for hosted residents are typically provided by the hosts. Generally, hosts recruit volunteers from their church community and our DASH leaders will provide equipping and training resources.
    • Optional ESL/Trauma Healing Counseling 
  • Hosts & Residents
    • Monthly individual check-in (video or regular call) for the hosts from the Director of Social Services
    • All-DASH Family Meetings (4th Sunday night of each month): It is our hope that ALL residents of DASH attend these meetings, whether they are hosted or in the apartments. We are working on providing virtual options to hosted residents to alleviate the burden of arranging transportation however you are welcome in person as well.
    • Spring Event:  International Worship Night
    • Summer Event: Asylum Seeker Culture Night
    • Fall Event: Stand With DASH – our story-telling, vision-casting, and annual fundraising event
    • Winter Event: Thanksgiving Potluck
    • Additional fun gatherings such as soccer nights, Bible studies, movie nights, etc.
    • DASH WhatsApp group text message with our 70 volunteers to announce prayer requests, needs, celebrations, etc. 

Q: What is the expected duration of hosting? 

A: We have made temporary hosting placements when another situation was opening soon, or when we were unable to find a long-term housing solution, but we prefer not to do this as stability and security are very important for the emotional health of our residents. In general, hosts are asked to consider a one to two year commitment. It can take our residents more than 24 months from entering our program to receiving their work permit. However, based on the case and the current government policies, it could be longer or shorter. 

Q: Who can host whom?

  • A single, female resident may be hosted by
    • A single female 
    • Single, female roommates
    • A couple without children
    • A couple with children
    • A single mother with children
  • A single mother with children 3 yrs or under may be hosted by
    • A single female 
    • Single, female roommates
    • A couple without children 
    • A couple with children also 3 yrs or under
  • A single mother with children 4-13yrs may be hosted by
    • A couple without children
    • A single female
    • Single, female roommates 
  • A single mother with children 14+ years may be hosted by
    • A couple without children
    • A single male may be hosted by
      • A single male 
      • Single, male roommates
  • A single male resident may be hosted by: 
    • A single male
    • Single male roommates

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