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Becoming a Food Volunteer is a great way to get started volunteering with DASH or to volunteer if your time is limited! Food Volunteers interact with residents on an ongoing basis. Please read the description below and fill out a volunteer application to get started! . 

The Food Pantry Drop off Volunteer– 1 minute read

Food Volunteers are assigned one Thursday per month to pick up and deliver food to residents. This delivery happens mid-morning and takes approximately 1 hour. 

Volunteers pick up groceries from the assigned food pantry in FW and deliver to residents at their apartment complex. There is a designated location to meet residents and drop off weekly groceries with a DASH case worker present. Volunteers use a WhatsApp group to communicate with residents and let them know you have arrived. Volunteers work in pairs to provide flexibility in the event one partner isn’t able to make a shift. 

Each food bank has different guidelines in place that our Food Program Leader will go over with you prior to you starting in this role. If, for whatever reason, one apartment is unable to receive groceries on a given day, the Food Volunteer can send that household’s groceries home with another apartment to be later redistributed by the residents. 

Fill out a volunteer application to get plugged in and Lora will reach out to you shortly! 

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