Our Budget

We believe in stewarding our resources well and maintaining transparency with donors, partners, volunteers and our community. For this reason, we created this snapshot of our yearly budget, salaries, and impact statement so you can feel confident when donating to and serving with DASH Network! 

Recurring donors are also invited to an annual budget meeting where the Executive Director presents a detailed breakdown of our budget. 

We can assure you that your donation is not just another drop in the bucket. Visit the “Give” page for our 990’s. 


Housing and Food

Asylum Seekers
Host Homes

DASH currently houses up to 41 asylum seekers at a given time. We hope to double this number in the next 3-5 years! 

We currently rent 6 apartment units in downtown Fort Worth.

We currently support host homes across the metroplex.

On average, an asylum seeker stays in our program 22 months while awaiting their work permit. 

DASH costs 78% LESS  per individual than ICE Detention Centers, while offering a much higher quality of care


Annual Events

DASH has approximately 90 active volunteers

We estimate that volunteers join DASH’s for 1,500 hours annually

Every asylum seeker in our program is paired with 1-2 advocates

DASH hosts 4main events per year to celebrate the culture and family of DASH Network. 

DASH hosts a MONTHLY All DASH meeting to celebrate share updates, celebrate together, and pray. Everyone is welcome!

2021 Budget

budget pie chart

Our operating budget for 2021 is approximately $450,935. That’s $25/day on living expenses per resident at at full capacity

To put this into perspective, the average American spends $164/day on living expenses

This budget supports approximately 50 asylum seekers, although our current capacity is 41. Join Us in us in reaching this goal! 

Our staff & volunteers work tirelessly to secure over $750k/year in donated goods and services 

This budget includes 4 full-time staff members and 2 part-time staff members

Staff are paid $20/hr on average which is $2 below average in Texas for a nonprofit

You can be assured every dollar donated to DASH Network is providing housing, food and friendship to people seeking asylum

Funding Source: 

DASH receives no government funding. All funding is generously provided by individual donors, churches, local businesses, and occasional grants. We have only one fundraiser each Fall that supports our operations for the upcoming fiscal year. We are also proud recipients of the 2021 Platinum and 2020 Guidestar Gold Seal of Transparency