Our Budget

We believe in stewarding our resources well and maintaining transparency with donors, partners, volunteers and the community. For this reason, we created this snapshot of our yearly budget, salaries, and impact statement so you can feel confident when donating to and serving with DASH Network! 

Recurring donors are also invited to an annual budget meeting where the Executive Director presents a detailed breakdown of our budget. 

We can assure you that your donation is not just another drop in the bucket. See our 990’s below. 


Housing and Food

Asylum Seekers
Residents Served

DASH currently houses up to  35  residents at a given time.

About 1/3  of DASH residents are children. 

Residents stay in our program an average of 1-2  years.

DASH graduates report a  60% decrease in symptoms of depression compared to when they entered the program. 

 100%  of residents graduate with employment and safe housing. 


Annual Events

DASH has approximately  164  active volunteers.

We estimate that volunteers donate  6,506  hours annually.

…that’s over 271 days worth of volunteer hours gifted each year!

DASH hosts  6 main events per year to unite the DASH community. 

English fluency among residents increased by  5X after working with DASH ESL volunteers throughout their stay in the program. 

2024 Budget Breakdown

DASH Budget

Our operating budget for 2024 is $761,140.  That’s  $59/day  per resident.

This budget supports  35  residents seeking asylum and includes all of DASH’s  holistic services such as: housing, food, social and spiritual support, casework, connections to mental and physical healthcare, clothing, toiletries, transportation, ESL education, job prep services, graduation assistance, and more.  

Our staff & volunteers work tirelessly to secure over  $500k/yr  in donated goods, services and time! 

This budget includes  3 full-time staff members and  7 part-time staff members

We have also been blessed with   volunteer staff members working an average of 10/hr week.

You can be assured   every dollar donated to DASH Network is carefully stewarded to provide housing, food, community and support services to those seeking asylum

Find out how you can join us in reaching this goal! 

2024 Funding Sources

DASH Funding Services

  We are proud recipients of the 2023 Guidestar/Candid  Silver Seal of Transparency.

Thank you, United Way of Tarrant Country for being one of the funders of DASH Network! 

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