As DASH Network’s capacity, reach and impact continues to grow, so does our need for additional team members! We are looking for a passionate individual to join us in this incredible mission to love and serve our brothers and sisters seeking asylum with the love of Christ. 

Full-Time Position Description: Director of Resident Development 

If you are interested, please submit your resume, one spiritual reference and one professional reference to munatsi@dashnetwork.net along with the position you are applying for. 

Please see the note below about our faith-based approach to serving this community* 
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A note from our Board President to applicants: 

DASH Network is a Jesus-loving nonprofit that formed in response to the compassionate and welcoming love of Christ. Our organization seeks to work with, care for, and learn from people who are seeking asylum. DASH services are designed to provide comprehensive support for those navigating the difficult US asylum process. Those in the program receive housing, food, friendship, equipping, case management, and legal support for the duration of their work permit wait as well as a financial runway to save and prepare to graduate into independence. 

DASH Network residents come from all over the world having experienced significant trauma and/or persecution. For this reason, DASH aims to provide holistic support for each resident. This includes meeting physical needs (for food, shelter, and safety) as well as emotional, relational, and spiritual needs – which many DASH volunteers and leaders have in common. One beautiful aspect of this ministry is that in proximity to one another, we are all positioned to both serve and be served. All of us are made in God’s image with unique gifts to share and a fundamental need for grace. 

Though DASH Network is a faith-based organization, we understand that DASH residents come from diverse backgrounds and faith traditions. We seek to create a welcoming space for all and do not discriminate based on ethnicity, ability, gender, religion, or sexual-orientation. The homes of DASH Network were created to be a refuge for all in need of shelter and safety. Our sincere hope is that every resident and volunteer in DASH can encounter the love of Christ through the love extended by the Body of Christ. However all explicitly faith-based programming (worship nights, Bible studies, etc.) are completely optional for residents. No services or care will be withheld based on a resident’s participation in these activities. 

Additionally, though incidentally 94% of current DASH residents self-identify as Christian, this bears no weight on whether a resident is accepted into DASH. The backgrounds and beliefs of DASH residents vary over time in relation to current international crises, geopolitical tensions and public policies. Overall, we strive to welcome each person into DASH with genuine hospitality – not treating others how we want to be treated, but rather, how they want to be treated. Our prayer is that our model fosters a safe community where every individual – both residents & volunteers – can encounter the Lord’s kindness and respond freely and without coersion by ultimately choosing or continuing to follow Him. 

One’s immigration status does not negate one’s humanity; all are equal at the foot of the cross. 

With Love,

Monica Bharadwaj

Board President | DASH Network

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