What Happened Overseas


The following are the real background stories of real people in DFW who filed for asylum:

“My parents were journalists and wanted our country to know the truth about our government, which always wants to paint a good face for the public, but we all know the corruption and killing they do. My parents knew their work was dangerous. One day soldiers came to our home. They killed my brothers, and took my parents to prison, and they raped me too. My father sent a message to me from prison saying that I should change my name, get a student visa to the U.S., and go to America, where I would be safe. He told me to use the money we saved to pay for school. I did what he said, but after one semester in school, my country’s government locked our bank account, and I could not pay. There is nothing I fear more than to return.”

asylee“In Africa, the government never has a problem with one person— they have a problem with all of the friends and family of that person too. My father was an important politician for a political party that was overthrown. The new government did not want any friends or family of the old government to live. Soldiers from the new government came to my home. I ran and hid in the bushes. (She pointed to her eyes) I saw them with my own eyes. They killed my whole family. I could do nothing. I knew if they found me, they would kill me too. I tried to escape to a neighboring country, but the guards at the border recognized my family name on my ID.  They all raped me and beat me. I was so ashamed. They locked me in a room, and I listened to them joke about the way they would kill me later. I managed to escape and quickly got a visitor visa and a plane ticket to America. If I go back, they will kill me.”

“My father was the voodoo priest, and the chief of our tribe. He was training me to take his place. I became a Christian. My father ordered the village to kill me. They came to my home in the night to kill me, but my roommate distracted them, and I escaped out the back door. I ran and ran and ran like never before. I found another village where I thought I would be safe, but then, they found me and tried to kill me again. They said they would not rest until I was dead. I realized I was not safe anywhere in Africa, so I hid on a cargo ship that was headed for America. I knew there were many Christians in America, so I thought I would be safe and that they would help me. If I return, my tribe will not let me live.”

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