DASH Family Brings New Life

What an honor! This beautiful DASH mama named her child after the DASH volunteer who has sown so much welcoming love and compassion into their lives.

“Just when I feel worn out and empty my God blesses me with one of my long time wishes — to have an African baby,” said DASH Assistant Director Rebecca Shingledecker who always dreamed of being a missionary in Africa, after helping asylum seeker T.D. deliver a gorgeous baby girl July 20 in Fort Worth. “While she isn’t mine to keep, she has my name (the one I hated growing up) and I have the honor of being her godmother.”

What a difference a relational ministry makes! DASH was founded with a vision to provide for more than just physical needs, but to give of our very selves, welcoming asylum seekers as friends and family. Isolation, loneliness and fear define much of the asylum seeker experience. But how beautiful it is when those walls are broken down.

rebecca-and-baby“My husband and I have decided to name the baby Rebecca and make her the godmother because it’s important in my country to name the baby after the person who supported the mom through the birth and prepare for the baby,” said T.D. whose life has been forever impacted by DASH since April. “This is important to honor that person who takes care of us that way.”

Fleeing persecution in her own country, T.D. was not only blessed by Rebecca’s care and commitment, but also said she was blessed by receiving her first epidural, after having her first two children without!

Both T.D. and Rebecca expressed their gratitude to each other, the DASH Network and to their Lord, who gives new life in so many ways.

“If the floors of the hospital weren’t so hard, I’d fall on my face in worship now,” said Rebecca the day her namesake was born. “How great is our God.”

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