New Dream for DASH

hands behind bars
A message from the founder…

Since our founding nearly four years ago, we have functioned only as a ministry of City Church. Now, we believe that God is expanding our vision to become a 501(c)3 non-profit that partners churches and people together in DFW, creating branches of DASH. While we will forever be partners with, and be grateful for the leadership and support City Church has provided, we now see this as just the first of more branches of DASH.

Our new goals are to:

  • Solve the entire housing and isolation crisis of asylum seekers in the DFW Metroplex.
  • Consult and mobilize churches in other cities, outside of DFW, to create their own asylum seeker organizations.

What led to this change in vision?

  • If DASH grew too large, I feared we would lose our values of being a relational, church-based, Christ-centered ministry, and I feared being spread too thin to manage it… But now God has shown us wonderful examples that keep their values while expanding, and He has brought many trust-worthy people to lean on.
  • Until now, we have not fund-raised. We have simply prayed for provision, and funds arrived without our asking or knowledge, including one very large donation, that has sustained us.

Then, I had a dream about DASH:

I saw myself peering out between jail bars watching people walk by without noticing my distress. I began to call out for help. People stopped, noticed, and went to bring their friends. Crowds of people came to help. Then my dismal jail cell expanded and transformed into a bright place including a kitchen, rest area, and classroom.

Here is the point:
If we remain silent, people will keep walking by, and DASH won’t grow.
If we speak out, DASH will expand to better serve more asylum seekers.

While this new dream for expansion, to solve the entire asylum seeker housing and isolation crisis in DFW is bigger than us, we believe this can and will be accomplished with God’s help.

Will you join us in making this new dream a reality?

–Ashley Freeman, Director

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