UPDATE! DASH, On the Go!

Fundraising Update! A note from our Events Coordinator: 

I wanted to follow up with you and thank you for participating in our DASH On The Move campaign. Because of your generosity and kindness we are able to provide more transportation assistance to our residents (and future residents!). This allows them more freedom to get to appointments or activities. And it is a huge blessing!

Below is a graphic outlining exactly how these funds are being utilized. We will be sharing this with our larger community, but I just wanted to take a quick moment to tell you “thank you.” We can’t do this work without you. And even though our residents won’t know exactly who blessed them in this way, they are already feeling the relief of more transportation options and are truly grateful. It’s the behind the scenes blessings of the church body (you!) that keeps us moving forward for the Kingdom. Thank you again.


Miranda Holland

DASH Events Coordinator



After a traumatic journey to safety, you arrive in a new country with your two children. You don’t speak the language, you can’t legally work, you don’t have a car, you don’t know anyone, and you surely don’t know how to navigate a new transportation system.

You think…

  • How will I transport my kids to medical care?
  • I want to volunteer, but I need a ride to the facility each week.
  • Once I get a work permit, what if a job interview comes up last minute?
  • How will I get to a Church that speaks my language?
  • How will I meet new friends?

The list of transportation needs goes on and on. For the month of April, we are raising $5,000 specifically for resident transportation. 

100% of funds raised will go towards providing residents with rides to medical & legal appointments, work & volunteer opportunities, & spiritual and relational engagements.

No matter the amount, join us in donating this critical service to those seeking safety and asylum here in America. Let’s welcome the sojourner and love our neighbors well. See how much we’ve already raised, below!

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