Our prayers for Ukraine & Global Unrest

“Speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves, for the rights of all who need an advocate.” Proverbs 31:8

In around two weeks, over two million people have fled Ukraine, half of which being children. Our hearts break as we see image after image on the news of war and destruction with no end in sight. Please join us in prayer:

Oh God, have mercy on the people of Ukraine and Russia. Bring Your peace and safety to those who flee, to those who stay, and to those who are actively serving the displaced. Provide for the many needs of all who are displaced through this war. Bring an end to this war and bring security to the many people still residing in Ukraine.

At the same time, we see people fleeing genocide in Cameroon, political unrest and violence in Angola, serious violations of human rights in the Democratic Republic of Congo, violence against Uyghurs in China and other parts of Asia, gang violence in central America, violence and lack of freedom in Venezuela… The UNHCR estimates that there are over 26 million people displaced worldwide. Please join us in prayer:

Oh God, we see the brokenness throughout the world and we fall to our knees, begging you to have mercy on so many who have had to flee their homes, often leaving behind everything they know and love. We know that your heart is for the widow, the orphan, and the stranger; please, God, show your love to each of these. Do not forget these people, made by you and in your image.

Today we celebrate the advent of two new housing units for DASH–increasing our capacity by nine residents! However, we still have several single men and families on our waiting list and more calls coming in every week. Our hearts break as we anticipate an influx of Afghan, Ukrainian, Russian, and many other people who have been displaced by the violence surrounding them. Please pray with us: 

Fill us with Your love for these people, who bear Your image, and open our hearts and hands to love and serve them. Equip DASH to serve all who knock on our doors–expand our capacity and creativity. Help DASH to be a vehicle of Your Kingdom on this earth, restoring what has been broken. More than anything, we ask that You would not delay Your return, Jesus. Come, Lord, and restore this hurting and broken world. Wipe every tear and bring peace everlasting into the hearts of Your children forever. Amen.

-Jennifer Schnitzius, DASH Director of Operations

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